Brown | RISD Dual Degree curriculum

The Brown | RISD Dual Degree program draws on the complementary strengths of two world-class institutions and offers students the opportunity to develop and integrate diverse spheres of academic and artistic interests. Students who have been accepted to both RISD and Brown and who applied to the Dual Degree program are notified of their acceptance in late March.


Choosing a concentration at Brown and a major at RISD, BRDD students pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (BFA) from RISD and a Bachelor of Arts (AB) or, with careful planning, work toward a Bachelor of Science (ScB) degree from Brown. Go to the Dual Degree program site to review all curricular requirements.

First-year schedule

During the first year, you'll live on RISD’s campus and enroll in the following courses:

  • Fall semester: Drawing, Design, Spatial Dynamics, Theory and History of Art and Design at RISD; First-Year Seminar at Brown
  • Wintersession: RISD elective
  • Spring semester: Drawing, Design, Spatial Dynamics at RISD and 2 RISD Liberal Arts or Brown courses

Please note that you will receive a toolkit and supplies for your studio classes at RISD.

We can help

You'll be assigned an individual faculty advisor on each campus, in keeping with the existing practices of each institution. In addition to the full range of resources at Brown and RISD, BRDD staff work with both schools on issues related to students’ academic and residential experience.

Transferring credits

Please email with questions regarding AP/IB/Transfer credits.