Careers and alumni

Preparation for your future starts as soon as you arrive on campus. And after graduation you’ll join a renowned and forward-thinking network of alumni creatively impacting a diverse range of fields.

RISD Careers

From your first year till after you graduate, you'll have the support of the team of counselors at RISD Careers and access to the many tools and programs they offer, including:

  • ArtWorks, RISD's exclusive fine art and design opportunity board where employers and arts organizations look for RISD talent
  • RISD Portfolios, an online showcase of creative work
  • Career resources and advising

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Connect with alumni

Alumni Relations works to facilitate connections between current students and RISD's incredible alumni community. Their programs include the RISD Network which enables students to build mentoring relationships with alumni for career advice and networking. Explore their site for more information about how Alumni Relations supports current students.

Additionally, our ongoing news coverage will help you stay in the know about alumni achievements.