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Transfer student curriculum

Every transfer student is unique, especially when it comes to credits and course registration. We'll get you started and point you to those who can assist you with the finer details.

Summer Experimental and Foundation Studies

Most transfer students are required to attend the Summer Experimental and Foundation Studies program, a six-week immersion in RISD’s approach to studio learning. This year, due to COVID-19, the program will shift to a remote learning structure and be held online. To learn more about this change, join us for a webinar on May 11 with Experimental and Foundation Studies faculty.

Course registration

Transfer students complete their registration in early August via Student Planning, RISD’s hub for scheduling, advising and registration. This is also where you will find a record of your transfer credits and required courses. The 2020-21 course announcement book (link to come) details course offerings for the academic year.

Understanding credits

Transfer credit is awarded for those earned at a regionally accredited, residential, nonprofit college or university. Credits earned in online courses are accepted only from regionally accredited, residential, nonprofit four-year colleges and universities. Students must receive a grade of “C” or better in order to transfer earned course credits.

We can help

For questions about how the Liberal Arts division accepts AP, IB, A-levels and college credits are being

 accepted by the Division of Liberal Arts, please contact Gail Hughes. For questions about how the EFS division accepts transfer credits, contact Karen Zucconi. For general questions about course registration, contact Registrar’s Office.