Exploring Providence

Known as Rhode Island's “creative capital,” Providence is home to seven colleges as well as waterfront parks, good restaurants, dance and theater companies and amazing architecture. Adding to this unique mix of culture is the city's convenient proximity to major metropolitan areas, the Atlantic coast and the natural beauty of inland New England. You'll find Providence to be an exciting and inspiring city in which to pursue your studies.

Local resources

From the craftsmanship of the Industrial Revolution to the underground noise rock scene of the 1990s, Providence is built on a legacy of artistic experimentation. And like its past, Providence's contemporary culture is steeped in art and design. You'll find a range of organizations and communities beyond campus that will encourage you to engage with the city.


Beyond College Hill (RISD's home on the East Side), Providence has a number of interesting neighborhoods to visit. Once you arrive be sure to make some time to get out and explore—you'll gain a better sense of your new home.