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For Brown | RISD Dual Degree students

September may seem far away, but there’s still a lot to do once you've been accepted. The following list will give you a month-by-month view of upcoming events, deadlines and next steps to remember. Also, please be sure to regularly refer to the Brown | RISD Dual Degree Program website.

Please note:

Required tasks (marked with an R) need to be completed in the incoming student portal. This page will be updated over the coming months with additional deadlines and tasks. If you are an international student please make sure to refer to our international student support content.

March 2020

  • March 17: Regular Decision students notified
  • TBA: Brown | RISD Dual Degree acceptance notification

April 2020

  • April 1: Brown International Orientation applications open (required for all visa-holding students)
  • Register for online info sessions

May 2020

  • May 1: Deadline to commit to BRDD program
  • May 1: Deadline to set up Brown and RISD email accounts
  • May 8: RISD Housing portal opens (BRDD students live in RISD housing for their first year)
  • May 15: Project Thrive applications open (for those who qualify)
  • TBA: Join ArtWorks (RISD Careers' opportunity board)
  • Start looking out for Countdown to RISD emails
  • May's archived Countdown to RISD emails:

June 2020

  • due June 1: Complete housing application R (BRDD students live in RISD housing for their first year)
  • due June 1: International students complete Brown's international student forms
  • due June 1: Sign up for RISD Alerts R
  • due June 1: Complete Title IX online training R
  • due June 1: Review student policies R
  • due June 1: Upload your health records provided by your healthcare provider R (Please note: BRDD students also need to provide these to Brown)
  • due June 1: Submit ID card photo R (Please note: BRDD students also need to submit an ID card photo to Brown)
  • June 1: Contact College Board to send all AP scores to Brown (code: 3094) or RISD (code: 3726)
  • Early June: Receive email from Michele Zager on Brown fall course options and the First Year Seminar
  • June 15: Registration opens for Brown CHEM 0100-web (the tutorial for CHEM 0330 placement exam)
  • due June 24: Submit Brown course selection for fall 2020 semester
  • due June 29: Project Thrive applications (notification of acceptance in the last week of June)
  • TBA: Complete online Brown educational courses on alcohol use and sexual violence prevention
  • TBA: Brown Third World Transition Program Pre-Orientation applications open

July 2020

  • due July 1: Submit final high school transcripts R (Please note: BRDD students are required to submit to both RISD and Brown)
  • due July 1: Upload health records to Brown
  • July 1: Attend Brown incoming student online workshop (1stYear@Brown) and the Academic and Student Code online tutorials (students receive an email to their account that includes a link to the tutorial)
  • due July 5: Complete Brown Student and Employee Accessibility Services (SEAS) registration and release form
  • July 31: Submit Brown Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) waiver for fall semester coverage (BRDD students are not eligible for RISD student health insurance)
  • end of July: Gather original documents/materials needed for student employment (driver’s license, government photo ID, US passport, social security card, birth certificate with seal)
  • due TBA: Brown Third World Transition Program Orientation application

August 2020

  • due August 1: Submit first bill payment to Brown Bursar
  • due August 1: Submit Brown ID card photo online in self-service Banner
  • TBA: Brown International Orientation registraton closes
  • due August 15: Brown First Readings response due
  • due August 15: Submit introduction to your Brown advisor
  • August 15: Last day to register for Brown CHEM 0100-web tutorial for chemistry placement exam
  • August 20: Last day to complete Brown incoming student online workshop (1stYear@Brown) and the Academic and Student Code online tutorials.
  • August 20: Brown online placement exams open (variety of subject areas)
  • August 30–September 2: Move in and Brown International Orientation (required for all visa-holding students)
  • August 30: Move in for Brown Third World Transition Program Orientation

September 2020

  • September 3: BRDD Move-in to RISD South Hall
  • TBA: BRDD Orientation
  • September 3: Brown Orientation
  • September 4–5: Project Thrive Orientation (participating BRDD students attending when able)
  • September 6–8: New Student Orientation (required for all new undergraduate students)
  • TBA: Parent/Family Orientation
  • September 9: Start of RISD and Brown fall classes

October 2020

  • October 9–11: RISD Weekend
  • October 23–25: Brown Family Weekend

November 2020

  • November 25–29: RISD Thanksgiving break (RISD housing remains open)
  • November 25–29: Brown Thanksgiving break (beginning Wednesday at noon)

December 2020

  • December 11: Last day of Brown's fall semester
  • December 15: Last day of RISD's fall semester
  • December 16: RISD housing closes for winter break (but students may request to stay for an additional fee)