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Tuition and aid

Understanding your costs and financing options is an important part of planning your RISD experience. Student Financial Services supports you and your family in seeking, obtaining and making the best use of all resources available to help finance the costs of attending RISD.

Total costs

The estimated cost of education for any college is based on tuition and required fees (costs that are billed to you directly) plus estimated costs for room and/or rent, board and/or food, supplies, personal expenses and transportation (indirect, variable costs). 2021–22 tuition and fees will be posted in March or April 2021. Check back then for more information.

We can help

Our team takes care of the billing and collection of tuition, fees, room, board and other charges on your student account, assists students and families with their financial aid and manages student employment on campus. We’re eager to help you and your family with any questions you may have.